10% of the sale will go to anti-species sanctuaries. Hopefully, we can help little bit with that. What a wild time.​

Two Manta Ray

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Paper size 50 x70 cm (16,6″ x 27,5″), image size: 37 x 31 cm – (14,5″ x 12,2″). Printed on paper 220 gr acid free with a surface that provides the ultimate in detail and contrast, plus longevity. I love drawing my graphic images first on paper. I have reinterpreted their art, giving to my cyan works their own particularity and unicity. These are illustrations made of millions of micro spheres that vary in size on the basis of the visual rhythm I want to confer to the drawing. Cyanotyping is an old, monochrome photographic process (1842) that produces a copy of the original in a Prussian Blue color called a blueprint.

Free shipping, this is an unframed piece. Thanks again for your interest and support for the Ocean. best – Gos Lab

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