Three years ago I founded Gos Lab which is more then an apparel brand new, as it is a creative space.  My idea is to consciously produce garments inspired by nature, oceans, the surf experience and the craftsman lifestyle, always in harmony with nature, our lands and seas. I’m based in the amazing mediterranean Italian coast, close to Rome.

Here it takes place my whole activity (from the design up to the production) as each peace is unique and handmade; the exclusive designs are printed with a special technique which uses wood stamps shaped and made of recycled materials as shipwrecks.

However Gos Lab is not just a conscious apparel brand. I’ve also a huge passion and commitment for recycled ART and up-cleaning that brings me to exploring new forms of creations using different materials, especially plastic released by the sea on the beaches during the winter season.

My artworks are inspired by my lifestyle strongly connected with nature and its harmonic beauty. I’m still chasing the dream to go back to a simple and essential lifestyle and that’s why I would contribute to share a more responsible and eco-compatible behavior towards my totally love for the sea.