Bringing the ocean and nature into your home.

Printing techniques of the past.

I don’t have the arrogance to change people’s way of living, but, in my small way, I try to shift focus on some issues I consider important: the respect of nature, of the sea and of the creatures that live in.


Xilografia e stampi di legno


All my life has always been deeply bound to the "Sea".

These are mostly monochromatic works, full of ink, with a strong impact, despite the minimalism of the graphic work I make. I use the wood recovered from old boats that I found on the beach, has taken me to revise the building of my woodcut blocks.

Surfing means coping with something extremely beautiful, powerful and sometimes very dangerous.

Rowing offshore, often lonely, looking at the land from a different point of view, lets me breathe. In those moments I am connected with myself. But it is also a way to see first-hand how horribly men have been treating our planet…

Since short I have started again to use cyan-typical printing. I perceive it as a part of the ocean that I borrow, it is like printing negatives on paper, using the sun exposition, I always try to stay connected with nature.


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Fabio Fontana