Having to defend himself from the silent invasion of distrac­tion Fabio Fontana (Gos Lab founder) captures his personal perception of the world by me­ans of a snapshot composed of words. His fragments become openings through which it is possible to start a new journey and at the same time draw a thin dividing line between what has been and what can still be sought. There are no coordina­tes with which to take one’s bearings: it is a journey that leads far away or remains within a room, yesterday and tomorrow, securing just one moment in the flow of time. He uses only words. Pictures of words, words in pictures, pictures like words that keep on calling. This is not simply a way of performing and narrating: it is arranging so as to begin once more, it is tra­velling by rewinding the kilometric line of ink on material. There is a story that you cannot read but that you can find if you search inside yourself.