Each stamp is handmade using either recycled wood.

Goslab is a project that pursues a “just existence”, creating and realizing projects that do not harm umans, nor leave any impact on nature. All items of clothing from the Goslab Collections have zero impact, made with organic cotton taken from wood scraps (wood pulp) and workmanship that has proper retribution (fair trade).


The calling of the sea joins the love of nature.

The contact with the wood that will later become one of the elements that characterize many reations of the Goslab Project. With the printing procedure “wood stamp,” Goslab produces its limited edition prints, using a wooden stamp for its graphics on the textiles, hence the name wood stamp.


Shaped and made of recycled materials as shipwrecks.

Each stamp is handmade using either recycled wood or pieces of old ships washed up by the sea; through this process, that characterizes the style of the project, all of his creations become unique and irreplaceable pieces.